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Rides & Events

Weekly Group Ride

Join us for our weekly group rides throughout the summer on Thursday nights at 6:30pm. These rides are open to anyone and are usually an intermediate mountain bike ride. We post on our social media accounts the ride location so you can meet us out there! Rides start in June and go as long as weather permits!

Events Calendar

EH Winter Experience - Marquette, MI - February 3rd 2024

This race will be an Enduro style race on the groomed and panked (snowshoe packed)NTN South Trails. Fat bikes will be required with a minimum of 3.8′ tires.

Polar Roll - Ishpeming, MI - February 16th - 18th 2024

The ultimate U.P. fat bike experience. Here’s what we can share: It’s going to be at least 100-miles. The course will utilize a variety of groomed and not groomed surfaces. Participants should be fully prepared to be self-supported. Spots will be limited.

Ride the Keweenaw - Several Locations, MI - LSGS event - May 24th - May 26th 2024

Ride the Keweenaw is all about exploring the amazing natural and recreational resources the Keweenaw region has to offer.  It's their way of kicking off another season of singletrack riding in the Copper Country.  Best of all, you get to ride all of the Copper Country's amazing trails, from Söké all the way to Copper Harbor and everywhere in between.

Copper Harbor Big Boys Clinic - Copper Harbor, MI - June 7th - 9th 2024

The Big Boy clinic is open to sophisticated gentlemen, grizzled old farts, strapping young bucks, proverbial big boys, and anyone who identifies as a man. The clinic is designed for riders of all backgrounds, ages (over 18), and skill levels.  Anyone who is interested in significantly improving their skills and enjoying three days of learning from the best coaches around on the Copper Harbor Trails will fit in.  Proceeds from the event go back to help build and maintain awesome singletrack in Copper Harbor.

Marquette Trails Fest - Marquette, MI - LSGS event - June 21st - 23rd 2024

Whether you bike, run, or hike; come out, have a good time, and help raise funds for your community trails. All proceeds from this event go to the NTN singletrack trailbuilding.

The Crusher - Somewhere in the UP - July 1st - September 30th 2024

The Crusher welcomes all riders to explore U.P. gravel, two-tracks, and wilderness at their own pace. Some will come to race. Others will come for the adventure, and a chance to put a green dot next to their name. The Crusher is not your typical race experience – and the differences extend well beyond a rugged and remote course. You’ll receive a passport in place of a name plate, be required to prove you did the course by collecting checkpoint selfies along the way, and experience a race start best described as “chill”. Instead of shoving ya inside gates like cattle ,we let you roam about basecamp until the clock hits race time…  when you can either take off like a hungry yeti after tourists or sit and enjoy your morning coffee until you’re ready to go.

Miners Revenge - Greenland, MI - LSGS event - July 13th- 14th 2024

The Miners Revenge takes you deep into the mountain and through the pits of ancient miners who spent their lives chasing the red metal. Some say the men who died still live in the mine protecting their claim, we can’t say that’s true but we can say that anything can happen when you are 300 feet below the surface and there’s nobody to hear you scream.

Bike Duluth Festival - Duluth, MN -  LSGS event - July 19th - 21st 2024

Minnesota’s premiere mountain biking event with races for experts to beginner riders! This is mountain biking at its best. Whether you’re a road biking spandex warrior, free-ridin’ adrenaline junkie, or family craving adventure, good times are guaranteed. Get ready to celebrate Duluth’s world-class bike trails with three days of action-packed events!

Copper Harbor Women's Clinic  - Copper Harbor, MI - July 26th - 28th 2024

A weekend of learning, camaraderie, and above all else, FUN!  The Copper Harbor Women's Weekend Sponsored by Liv clinic brings together fantastic coaches and eager riders for one of the premier women's clinics in the Midwest.  Not only do you get to ride the awesome trails in and around Copper Harbor, you get to do so with some seriously high-powered professional coaching talent. No jocks, hotshots, show-offs, or mansplainers here!  Just women teaching women how it's done, one incredible weekend at a time.

Ore To Shore - Ishpeming - August 10th 2024

The Ore to Shore is set in the beautiful Upper Peninsula and utilizes much of the same trail as the popular Noquemanon Ski Marathon.

Copper Harbor Trails Festival - Copper Harbor, MI - LSGS event - August 30th-September 1st 2024

The annual Labor Day Weekend event features races, music, beer, and good times on Saturday and Sunday! This all-ages event has something for everyone, whether you're a cross-country lover, blazing-fast downhiller, enduro expert, sure-footed trail runner, or aspiring young ripper. Enjoy the best of what Copper Harbor, MI has to offer with us all weekend!


Marji Gesick - Marquette to Ishpeming, MI - September 20th - 22nd 2024

Welcome to Hell.

Marquette Fall Enduro - Marquette, MI - LSGS final - October 4th-6th 2024

Enduro is the ultimate mountain bike race. Starts with a casual climb to the top with your buddies, and a timed run on the way down. There will be several stages of ranging difficulty and length in which you can test your skills. The lowest combined time of these mostly downhill stages wins! There will be a set time in which you must complete all of the stages. Bring everything you would on a normal trail ride lasting a few hours, water, food, tools, etc. This is also the final race of the LSGS, so awards for the season will happen after the race!

Lake Super Gravity Series aka LSGS

The Lake Superior Gravity Series is composed of events hosted by your local trail organizations.

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